Get Cash Just For Having Good Sense.

Your older Cessna® or Piper® single likely has an automotive alternator from 40 years ago. Don’t pay for an overhaul replacement. We’ll send you $150 if you upgrade to a Plane-Power unit and ship us your old core. With a deal like this, you get a brand-new alternator for less than the price of our overhaul.

This offer lasts through March 31. Grab it before it’s gone.

Get Started

Reap the benefits.

Get more than cash back. Plane-Power pays you in multiple ways.

Lose Weight

Every ounce counts when you fly. These lightweight alternators give you power in a small package.

Added Technology

Plane-Power offers new and efficient technology. Overhauled units contain a mishmash of reclaimed and new parts.

Peace of Mind

Plane-Power kits come with a two-year warranty. Overhaul warranties might last six months or even shorter.

Four easy steps.


Make sure your trade-in is eligible. Then purchase one of the Plane-Power kits listed below from any Hartzell Engine Technologies distributor.

Aircraft / Electrical System Eligible Trade-ins Plane-Power Kits
Piper 12V / 60A Chrysler 4111810, 2642997 or 3656224
Piper 69670-00, 69670-03, 69670-04, 99945-3 or 99945-4
Cessna 12V / 60A Ford DOFF10300J
Cessna C611501-0101, C611501-0102, 0750217-1 or 1570213-6
AL12-F60 (for Lycoming engines)
AL12-F60C (for Continental engines)
Cessna 24V / 60A Ford DOFF10300B
Cessna C611503-0102, C611503-0202 or 1570213-7
AL24-F60 (for Lycoming engines)
AL24-F60C (for Continental engines)


Within 30 days of your invoice date, complete and submit the form below to initiate the trade-in process. If you complete a print version, send it AND a copy of your Plane-Power invoice by mail.


When we receive your form, we’ll email you a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number.


Ship us your trade-in alternator within 30 days of receiving the RMA number. Clearly write your RMA number on the box.

Mailing address:
Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC
Attn: Product Support Dept.
2900 Selma Highway
Montgomery, AL 36108

For customers outside the U.S. and Canada: Once an RMA has been issued, you may take your core to a Hartzell Engine Technologies distributor for assistance in handling the trade-in.

Submit for Trade-in


Program rules: The Plane-Power Trade-in Program is only available to purchasers of the specified alternators described in the program details. Purchases must be made between November 1, 2016, and March 31, 2017. Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping their trade-in alternators to Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC. The trade-in program cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon, rebate or discount offer from Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC. This program is only available and administered through Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC. Distributors and resellers of Hartzell Engine Technologies products will not and cannot process customer requests relating to this program. Requests for trade-in credit must be received within 30 days of customers purchasing a new Plane-Power alternator. Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC must receive eligible trade-in alternators within 30 days of customers receiving the RMA number.