How To Purchase

Plane-Power products may be purchased from a variety of aviation distributors, including these Hartzell Engine Technologies distributors. Kit aircraft builders may also purchase Plane-Power products directly from the aircraft manufacturer.

Plane-Power alternators are "kitted" for particular CERTIFIED aircraft installations simplifying installation to be bolt-off/bolt-on .  Please consult our Model Eligibility to find the Plane-Power product for your aircraft.

EXPERIMENTAL applications can vary greatly.  By and large, you should know:

  1. the diameter of the engine pulley: (7-1/2" or 9-3/4"),
  2. the mounting type: "boss" mount, or "case" mount), 
  3. voltage
  4. desired type of voltage regulation (Internal or External)

The model formula works as follows:


  • (v) - Voltage (12 or 24),
  • E - The "E" indicates "Experimental"
  • (r) - Voltage Regulator (I=Internal, E=External)
  • (a) - Rated Amps (60 or 70)
  • (m) - Mount (B=Boss Mount, C=Case Mount

For instance, for a 12V, Experimental, Internally Regulated, Case Mounted Alternator, choose model AL12-EI70/C.