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About Plane-Power

As technology has evolved over the years, aircraft alternators have developed into a plethora of different configurations. Over a decade ago, Plane-Power was formed with a unique concept to simplify the aircraft alternator market, and keep the cost of alternators down vis-a-vis a custom-fit approach.

Commonizing on a small number of modern lightweight alternator designs, the Plane-Power line developed a variety of mounting kits to custom fit their alternators to the large variety of general aviation engines and aircraft.

Naturally, the business expanded using the same concept to develop a common voltage regulator in order to provide modern alternator conversion kits for aircraft that still used older generators - which have limited support. This solidified Plane-Power's status as the front-runner in alternators for kit aircraft, generator and legacy alternator conversions. The product line now covers nearly all general aviation aircraft applications.

In 2014, Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC (HET) acquired Plane-Power with plans to continue and grow the product line. Now, the Plane-Power line complements the HET brand. Where the two lines overlap customers have the flexibility to select either a direct-fit HET unit or a Plane-Power conversion kit.

Together HET and Plane-Power have an alternator solution to meet any customer's need or budget.